• Hannah Hill

I'm Sorry for the Things I Said When it Was Winter

JANUARY. This is the time of year that just gets old and drab. The hustle and bustle of the Holiday season has come and gone, it's somehow still cold outside, and Target has already put out swimsuits --giving you that constant reminder that you should probably hit the gym. Despite a four year stint in Texas (god bless Texas and its heat), I have always lived in areas of the world that experienced four distinct seasons. I know just how tedious these winter months can be, and how hard it can be to stay upbeat and positive when the world around you seems dark and icy. Over the years, I have discovered many ways to help combat the winter blues, and thought if winter is getting the best of you right now, that these might help you too.

Ramp Up Your Self Care

There are so many things that can help make this season a little easier, but I think some of the most important ones start with you.

  • Get outside when you can

  • Put the little ones to bed and take a bubble bath in peace

  • Listen to positive, upbeat music

  • Try to eat healthy but also TREAT yourself when you need it

  • Be kind to yourself

  • Take a Vitamin D supplement

  • Buy flowers for your desk

Clear the Clutter

When the temperatures are bitterly cold outside and all you want to do is be inside--this is the perfect opportunity to declutter and rearrange your living space.

  • Clear out your closet (if you haven't worn it the last year, then it's time to go and to make room for better pieces)

  • Attempt at rearranging furniture in some or all your rooms to get a change of scenery

  • Ever heard of hygge? TRY IT OUT

  • Buy yourself one or two new house decor items that can completely change up a room

Stay Connected

I am all for taking a break from social media, but don't lose site of those personal connections with those you love.

  • Purposely plan a lunch/dinner/coffee date with friends and family

  • Write a letter/send a card to someone you haven't seen in awhile

  • Call your best friend to just vent (no strings attached)

Step Out of Your Comfort Zone

When you want to spend your days watching Netflix in the sweats you wore yesterday (and the day before that), take a step back and find the time to try something new.

  • Learn a new instrument

  • Try cookie/cake decorating (check out Alison's Cookie Party for help-- it'll change your life)

  • Write your first Blog Post

  • Post something vulnerable

  • Try your hand at a DIY project

  • Buy an article of clothing you've never been confident in wearing ( we got a few cute ones here)

Whether you're motivated to try all of these things, or you don't even get through reading this whole list, I want you to know that you are certainly not alone in feeling blue this time of year. Let's work together to get through these months and celebrate when Spring begins to peep through!


Hannah Hill


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